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Medical Museum Collection, Box 5

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A collection of miscellaneous medical instruments donated by L.D. Lind, M.D., in February 1961. The collection includes: 1) ebony-handled obstetrical forceps, 2) glass bottle with metal cap, flat on one side only, 3) large glass and metal syringe, 4) metal uterine auger, 5) double-ended metal sound or bougie, 6) twin-valve stopper assembly with cork, 7) scissors-style uterine dilator, 8) metal sound, size F26, 9) an applicator (tip broken), 10) curved metal catheter, 11) two urethral dilators, 12) folding speculum, 13) thin metal probe, with a ring end, 14) catheter tube (lacks tip, one handle broken), 15) three vaginal specula, 16) stethescope chest piece, 17) gum sound or bougie in a glass tube with cork stoppers, 18) black hard rubber syringe, 19) small metal syringe in a leather pouch, 20) metal syringe case with three hypodermic needles, 21) tuberculin syringe (1 cc), in a box with two needles, 22) small glass syringe and one needle in a purple velvet-lined leather case, 23) irrigation syringe with curved metal tip in a red fabric-lined leather case, 24) urinometer in a black cardboard box with printed label, 25) two 40-gram ethyl chloride tubes, 26) syringe kit in a patterned metal case, with two needles and four glass vials, and 27) metal syringe and three needles in a suede case.

One of six digital photographs of a large collection of medical instruments donated in February 1961. This image shows several items from the collection, including: 1) a urinometer, laying next to the box in which it was packaged, 2) a metal syringe laying next to its leather pouch, 3) a glass bottle with metal cap, placed on its one flat edge, and 4) a 1-cc tuberculin syringe in its box. Also shown are miscellaneous pieces of white tubing and four surgical instruments.

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