Drug kit in leather cases Public Deposited

ca. 1890

Digital photograph of a pair of saddle-bag type drug cases, set on a gray counter. The two cases, which can also snap together to form a double case, are open to show the foldout vial holders. A gloved hand can be seen holding the top lid of one of the cases open. Several vials, powder packets, and pill boxes have been set on the counter in front of the cases. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 106

Two tan leather drug cases, similar to saddle bags. The cases snap together to form a double case. Each has a leather handle and metal clasp, and each is lined in burgundy leather. Both cases have large interior compartments, as well as foldout vial trays that hold ten vials each. Together, the cases contain: 1) four square glass bottles with glass stoppers, 2) seven quare glass bottles with cork stoppers, 3) fourteen narrow glass vials with cork stoppers, 4) nine small glass vials with cork stoppers, 5) three drug powder packets, 6) six small glass vials, 7) a metal pill box that is badly rusted, and 8) a paper pill box containing red tablets. The cases were donated by J.E. Field, M.D., in May 1954.

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