Evaluating the association of learning health system practicing hospitals and other health information interested hospitals with patient-generated health data uptake Public Deposited

Patient generated health data (PGHD) has been described as a necessary addition to provider generated information for improving care processes in US hospitals. This study sought to understand the distribution of US hospitals that are Health Information Interested (HII) and are more likely to capture or use PGHD. A generalized difference-in-difference model using 2013 - 2018 data indicated that hospitals changing to HII status were likely to increase PGHD capture and use. These findings show that incorporating LHS and learning organization principles seem to be the strongest driver of PGHD capture and use and this was stronger than in hospitals that were meaningful use stage three compliant. Based on this, being LHS appears to be the strongest practice and policy lever to increase PGHD capture and use.

  • https://doi.org/10.6083/qv33rx50r
  • Ibukun.Fowe.2021.pdf
Publication Date
  • 2021
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