Surgical kit in wood case Public Deposited

A surgical set in a finished wooden case, measuring 43 x 16.5 x 12 cm. The red velvet-lined case has brass hardware and a brass nameplate, engraved "U.S.A. Medical Department." Two of the four instrument trays are removable. The set may be missing some of the original instruments. It contains: 1) saw blade, 2) small saw with handle, 3) four amputation knives, 4) three minor surgery knives, 5) plain tenaculum, 6) dissection knife, 16.5 cm long, 7) bone drill with three bits, 8) periosteal elevator and raspatory, 9) two bone cutting forceps, 10) bone rongeur, 11) needle nose rongeur, 12) tourniquet, 13) two trephines with detachable ebony handle, 14) small horsehair brush, 15) two curved retractors, 16) Charrieres bone saw, 17) Heys cranial saw, and 18) chain saw with ebony handles. The instruments are in good condition, and the case is in fair condition. The set was donated by Mrs. E.T. Adams in July 1944, in memory of her husband Dr. Francis P. Adams, who died at Dufur, OR, in October 1942.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 5A2

Digital photograph of a surgical set in a wooden case. The red velvet-lined case has been opened to reveal the instruments inside. The two removable trays have been taken out, one set on the gray counter in front of the case, and one propped atop the case lid against the white background. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

ca. 1860's

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  • 1860
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