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A surgical set in a finished wooden case. The red velvet-lined case has brass ornamentation and a brass nameplate, engraved "U.S. Medical Department." Two of the four instrument trays are removable. The set is missing some of the original instruments. It contains: 1) trocar with ebony handle and guard, 2) needle probe in an ivory tube handle, 3) director, 4) curved tissue scissors, 5) small needle holder, 6) curved blunt forceps, 7) four curved catheters with loop handles, 8) six double-ended sounds, 9) blunt tip needle probe, 10) Belocques' cannula, 11) seven ebony-handled minor surgery knives, 12) ebony-handled tenaculum, 13) bone chisel, and 14) two ebony-handled curved aneurism needles. The instruments are in good condition, and the case is in fair condition. The set was donated by Mrs. E.T. Adams in July 1944.

Medical Museum Collection, Box 105

One of two digital photographs (with 77-104_2_30b.jpg) of a Civil War-era surgical kit. The red velvet-lined case has been placed on a gray counter, and opened to reveal the contents. In this image, two of the four instrument trays are shown. A ruler has been placed in the foreground for size comparison.

ca. 1860

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