Portable camera Public Deposited

ca. 1940's-1950's

A portable camera for use in operating rooms. The Coreco camera comes with a carrying case, measuring 49.5 x 34.5 x 23.5 cm. The texturized fabric case covering is meant to simulate brown leather. The brown felt-lined case has brass hardware and a leather handle, off of which hang three brass keys on a string. The camera is a model 300, with 110 volt, 15 ampere ac/dc power cord with nine-prong plug for attachment to fuse box. A small penlight is clamped to the camera unit lid where it is connected by a blue plastic-insulated extension wire. The set also includes: 1) chrome and gold mesh cooling unit cover, 2) lucite cover with aluminum shift button, protecting the cameras aperture and reflecting mirror, 3) reflector unit equipped with two photo floodlamp holders and two GE 115-120v bulbs, attachable to the camera unit by a three-prong lucite plug intertwined with a rheostat and its single prong plug, 4) two metal light shields with clamps, 5) black metal fuse box measuring 15 x 12.5 x 9.8 cm, with 15a/250v fuse buttons and a Hubbell electric pocket plug for attachment outside the operating room, 6) two penlight batteries, 7) printed card of instructions on type of film to be used with camera, and 8) three pieces from boxes of Kodachrome K28A film. The case and contents are in good to excellent condition.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 5B3

One of two digital photographs (with 77-365_1_12a.jpg) of a portable camera for use in operating rooms. The tan texturized fabric case is shown in this image. A ruler has been placed next to it for size comparison.

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