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One of two digital photographs (with 77-126_1_53a.jpg) of a doctors bag filled with obstetric instruments and supplies. In this image, many of the case contents are shown arranged on a gray counter. Razors, medications, and surgical instruments are included. A ruler is shown in the foreground for size comparison.

A doctors bag filled with obstetric instruments and supplies, donated by R.P. Westover, M.D., in December 1960. The case and contents are generally in good condition, although rubber pieces have hardened and cracked. The black leather bag has dual leather-covered handles and brass hardware. It contains: 1) magnifying lens in a small leather pouch, 2) two razor shavers, 3) tweezer-type uterine dilator, 4) two tweezer-type tissue forceps, 5) eight rolls of bandage material, 6) small trocar, 7) two directors, 8) ear spoon with applicator, 9) scissors, 10) two hemostats, one curved and one straight, 11) cylindrical metal canister containing wooden tongue depressors, 12) Schick electric razor with carrying case and power cord, 13) seven packages of sterile gauze pads, 14) eleven glass vials of suture material, 15) glass vial filled with sulfathiazole, 16) box containing ampules of evipal and water, 17) two blue glass bottles of thyptol, 18) small glass jar with lid, 19) hypodermic ampule of metacaine, 20) box of red pills identified as Cascara compound, 21) bottle containing epragen capsules, 22) green bottle of sulfanilamide, 23) black plastic vial with cap, 24) binaural stethoscope, 25) box of steel safety pins, size #1, 26) two bottles of metycaine, 27) roll of adhesive tape in a metal package, 28) box of circumcision sutures, 29) seven rolls of gauze, and 30) nine medicine droppers in a small box.

Medical Museum Collection, Shelf 5A3

ca. 1920's

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