Drug kit in a leather case Public Deposited

Digital photograph of a drug kit in a leather case, set on a gray counter. Gloved hands can be seen holding the case flaps open to reveal the labeled glass vials inside. The manufacturers name can be seen on the lower flap. A typed donor card has been placed on the counter to the left, and an unrolled tape measure is shown at bottom for size comparison.

ca. 1920's?

Medical Museum Collection, Box 54

A drug kit in a leather case, measuring 17.5 x 10 x 2 cm. Four flaps open to reveal two rows of ten metal vial clips. The case contains fifteen glass vials with metal screw tops, each with a blue label with white lettering. Two loose labels are set into the case. Most of the vials contain medicinal preparations. The case is lettered in gold: E.E. Van Alstine, M.D. One of the inner flaps bears the manufacturers label. The kit was donated by Laurie P. Lind, M.D., in April 1966. The case is in fair condition with some warping and separation of the materials.

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