The Role of the Platelet-Endothelium Interface and Regulation of Platelet Function Public Deposited

Platelets are the first responders to vascular injury, playing a critical role in the formation of a hemostatic plug to stop and prevent blood loss. This process requires a complex sequence of mechanisms that is initiated by exposed extracellular matrix and damaged endothelial cells and results in platelet adhesion, activation, and aggregation at the site of vascular injury. Platelet binding of extracellular matrix proteins is required for formation of platelet aggregates, and their interaction may have significant impact on platelet function in inflammation and thrombosis. The following studies identify the role of the extracellular matrix protein nidogen-1 in adhesion and activation of platelets and provide rationale for the development of microfluidic platforms for investigation of the platelet endothelium interface.

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  • 2019
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