Characterizing error in peak skin dose calculations for fluoroscopically guided interventions Public Deposited

Purpose: For fluoroscopically guided interventions (FGIs) that reach substantial radiation dose levels, NCRP Report No. 168 recommends estimating peak skin dose (PSD) to evaluate possible radiation-induced skin injuries. Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) currently employs dose-monitoring software Imalogix™ to display dose metrics and calculate PSD for each sent FGI. The variables in a PSD calculation include air kerma at the interventional reference point (Ka,r), backscatter factor (BSF), table attenuation factor (TAF), tissue-conversion factor (f), and distance correction factor. In their piecewise Java™-based PSD calculation, Imalogix sets their BSF and TAF to 1.3 and 0.75, respectively, and Ka,r values come from on-unit dose area product (DAP) meters. The intent of this project was to measure these variables and employ corrections to minimize errors in a PSD calculation.

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  • 2021
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